Corporate Pass - Employers

Corporate Pass for Employers

Did you know offering an annual DART pass to your employees can boost employee productivity and morale while also offering tangible benefits to your company’s bottom line? DART’s dependable schedule means employees can skip fighting traffic and arrive at work on time, with less stress, more money in their pockets, and the good feeling of reducing their carbon footprint. DART Corporate Passes are offered at a reduced rate and even offer tax benefits.


Reduce Stress

Fighting traffic can take a toll on your employees’ physical and mental health. Riding DART can improve their quality of life thus making them more productive at work.




With a 700-square-mile service area, DART expands your company’s pool of prospective workers, giving you an edge in attracting – and retaining – top talent.



Save Money

Taking DART instead of driving can save your employees up to $8,500 a year in total expenses. It’s like giving them a raise without affecting your bottom line.



Improve Reliability

DART’s dependable schedule means your employees will get to work on time and that keeps your organization running smoothly.



Lower Carbon Footprint

Today’s companies and employees are concerned about the environment. Taking DART helps us all do more to reduce emissions.



Reduced Rate

DART Corporate Passes are offered at a 25% discount off of the retail price. It literally pays to take DART to work.


Check the list below to see if your company is already participating in the DART Access program

  • Hilltop Holdings

  • HKS, Inc.

  • Hunt Oil

  • Hyatt Regency @ Reunion

  • Integrity Marketing Group

  • Invesco

  • Invitation Homes

  • Jackson Walker

  • Lain, Faulkner & Co

  • Locke Lord

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