Corporate Pass




Did you know that offering an annual DART pass to your employees can boost employee productivity and morale while also offering tangible benefits to your company’s bottom line? DART’s dependable schedule means employees can skip fighting traffic and arrive at work on time, with less stress, more money in their pocket, and the good feeling of reducing their carbon footprint. And, in case of an unexpected family emergency during the workday or need to stay late at work, the passes include free emergency taxi rides to get them where they need to go. DART Corporate Annual Passes are offered at a reduced rate and even offer tax benefits.

Benefits for Employers



Increased Productivity

Without the headaches and unpredictability of commuting by car, employees arrive at the office on time and ready to work. No traffic means less stress. Your company will reap the benefits of improved productivity.




Transit passes are a much-sought employee benefit. With a 700-square-mile service area and direct connections to neighboring transit services, DART expands your company’s pool of prospective workers, giving you an edge in attracting – and retaining – top talent.


Benefits for Employees



Cost Savings

Expenses such as gas, parking, and car maintenance are reduced or even eliminated. Commuters can save more than $4,000 per year by riding DART.



Peace of Mind

Employees can relax during their commute rather than grapple with gridlock. They get to work without feeling stressed.


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