Corporate Pass - Employees

Corporate Pass for Employees

Say hello to more “me time” and less “drive time” with a DART Corporate Pass. By leaving the commute to us, you’ll save yourself the hassle of putting in a ton of work before you even get to work. An employer-subsidized DART Corporate Pass puts more money in your wallet and you on the easy route to work.


Save Money

Taking DART instead of driving can save you up to $8,500 a year on things like gas, tolls, parking and vehicle maintenance and repairs.



Reduce Stress

Work is hard enough without the added stress of a brutal commute. Riding DART is a much-needed calm before the storm where you can relax and recharge.



Get Time Back

Instead of wasting time fighting traffic, riding DART gives you time to listen to your favorite podcast or read a best-selling book.



Lower Carbon Footprint

We’re all concerned about the effect commuting has on our environment. Taking DART helps us all do more to reduce emissions.


Two Ways To Get Started

Think DART’s Corporate Pass Program could be right for your company?
You have two different routes to choose from.

Check the list below to see if your company is already participating in the DART Access program.

  • Lockton Company

  • Mary Kay

  • Meadows Collier

  • Medical City Dallas

  • Medical Ctr. Plano

  • Merriman Associates

  • Methodist Health Systems

  • MV Transportation

  • Nalico General Agency

  • Neiman Marcus Corp.

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